Note from our Director

Note from our Director

Last month the children enjoyed the water play day, which included a water slide, that even the toddler’s class enjoyed jumping in the water slide pool.

Our summer theme was Creation. They learned that God is the Creator of everything, including them. And that they are a very special child.

On August 1st, we are going to watch the movie The Creation, have our last water play day, bubble day and free lunch.

The week of August 12- 16 we are closed for teachers’ training and classroom setting.

On August 21 they will dig for gold nuggets in the sand box. This is an exciting activity that the children look forward too. It helps with imagination and dexterity.

Please keep our preschool in your prayer. We need more children to share the Gospel with them and their parents. If you know of anyone looking for daycare, preschool, transitional kindergarten please have them call me. I would love to show them what we offer over public school and that we care for the whole family here at Prince of Peace.

Maria Milla

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